The Night Sky

…that’s the reaction of many city-dwellers to their first sight of the night sky at Lost Canyon. In summer the Milky Way is a glowing stream of stars stretching from horizon to horizon, and on clear nights we put out a semi-circle of chairs in the yard to gaze upward, full of wonder. To get a closer look we have two telescopes, a 12.5-inch Starmaster reflector and a 4-inch TeleVue refractor. The former is used to search for distant galaxies and nebulae, the latter for stunning wide-angle views in which the rich fields of stars look like diamonds scattered on black velvet. Even when the moon is the dominant feature in the sky we have a good time, using a Denkmeier “Binovue” (an attachment that allows the use of both eyes in viewing) on the TeleVue scope to get great high-contrast looks at the moonscape.

We also offer a slide presentation on the universe that utilizes images from the Hubble Space Telescope. The program lasts about half an hour, and takes us on a journey from earth to the farthest point in the universe scientists have observed, then back home again. It is an excellent introduction to what will be seen through the telescopes, and is appropriate for both children and adults.


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